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Speed, The Driver of Quality

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Blast from the Past

Speed, The Driver of Quality
Sandy Beveridge, Manager of Assembly Ooerations, Northern Telecom
November 21, 1989
By J. Smith, Program Committee

The second presentation was by Sandy Beveridge, Manager of Assembly Operations at Northern Telecom where he has worked for the last 8 years. Sandy’s talk was titled « Speed – The Driver of Quality » and was the story of a personal experience. We’ve all heard things like « slow down and do it right the first time ». Well, in Sandy’s experience, « speed up » was the key to the wafer fabrication process. We heard about a 3 inch wafer line with 3 micron technology operating in a class 100 clean room environment. Relative to other operations at Northern Telecom, this was considered « low performance » with low yields, high work-in-progress levels and long and inconsistent delivery times. Meanwhile a $250 million investment was underway to build the next generation line – a 6 inch wafer fab using 1.5 micron technology in a class 10 environment. There was some concern over whether these expectations could be met. However, by keying on SPC training, teamwork and empowerment, and yields, things began to turn around. Bottlenecks were identified, the speed was increased and SPC was happening faster! Using factorial experiments and work in process management, cycle times came down 50-60%, WIP dropped 30%, scrap was reduced, process capability was improved and deliveries were met. New products could be introduced less than 10 days after design ( previously 100 days). Truly a quality success story – driven speed.




Ruth Stanley

The post has been contributed by Ruth Stanley, Chair, ASQOttawa Valley Section. You can contact Ruth using our contact form.


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