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G U E S T  A R T I C L E

Blast from the Past

Quality Illustrated  By Steve Gamracy
Capital Quality News 1998 Issue 14

Contributed by : Candice Carter

Give Me a good complaint and I’ll show you a diamond in the making. I’m not talking about a simple problem that comes with a simple solution. What I mean is one of those ugly problems that has everyone running for cover. Call me crazy, but I love those messy little things. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m wishing for customer complaints to be rolling across my desk. My goal is the same as every other manager, to eliminate customer complaints.

From my experience, a company and even the individuals involved, can grow significantly from the action that is taken to rectify a customer complaint. I recall one instance early on in my career where the company I was working for actually implemented 43 corrective actions as a result of a single nastygram from the field.  The change to the organization was profound. Not only did the root causes get uncovered & eliminated, but the skills to take action throughout the organization were brought into fighting form. We could have buried the little beast in the paperwork, hoping for it to quietly disappear. We could have written the customer, and avoided the pain altogether. But, during one of the many meetings to discuss the lucky dog who would take ownership, someone bravely suggested that this was like any other important thing in life. No pain no gain. If we really wanted to be that glowing organization that we had preached endlessly to the customer, we needed to roll up our sleeves and pant legs, and get down into the mud. Down in the mud, in the tonnage of rocks & kimberlite. That’s where you find your diamonds. Buried deep within the core of your business. The prize doesn’t come easy.

You need a heap of commitment, and you need that unnerving drive of a rock miner. You go into battle knowing that you will move tons & tons of useless material, but that in any given bucket, that sweet little gem could be hiding. And once you’ve made your discovery, you can polish it into the glowing jewel that it is. And proudly , very proudly show it with pride.

The willingness to faces challenges head-on is an important characteristic for all Quality managers, but the one’s who come to recognize & accept it early on in their careers make the climb to success that much easier. So when the next big ugly comes calling, embrace it, for it will reward you.



Candice Carter

The post has been contributed by Candice Carter. You can contact her using our contact form.



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