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New Quality Organization Going Public

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G U E S T  A R T I C L E

Blast from the Past

Quality Illustrated  By Stephen White QprAC Organizing Committee Chair
Capital Quality News June 1996 Volume 6 Number 10

Contributed by : Candice Carter

Over the last few months you have seen articles in Capital Quality News about a new Canadian quality Association. I am pleased t report that the Quality Practitioners Association of Canada (QprAC) has now been organized and is now accepting new charter members. Quality Practitioners in Canada need, but do not have a professional body to represent them in the Canadian context and to communicate thier concerns and positions on quality issues to federal and provincial governments including the standards Council of Canada.(SCC).

The ASQC does a good job of this in  the US, but does not do so in Canada. Therefore, a group of quality practitioners in the National Capital Region formed QprAC which will, over time:

  1. Work with quality practitioners across Canada to establish standards and codes of conduct appropriate for the practice of quality disciplines in the Canadian Context.
  2. Strive to become a strategic partner of the National Quality Institute (NQI);
  3. Be involved in the National Programs for Certification/Registration of Quality Auditors and Quality Auditor Training Course. Providers by having members on Certification Boards.; and
  4. Establish ways of keeping members informed of issues that may affect them professionally in their individual fields of quality practice.

QprAC will eventually have a 20 member Board of Directors who will represent all regions of Canada. The initial QprAC objectives are: 

  1. To act as an advocacy group to government and other stakeholders too ensure that high and consistent standards are maintained within the Quality discipline in Canada;
    (i) government actions and decisions are fair and equitable to Association Members; and
    (ii) the collective knowledge and experience of Association members are considered and influence policy decisions.
  2. To communicate government and international policies and developments to association members.
  3. To assist the Standards Council of Canada in the development implementation and evolution of policies and practices affecting the Quality discipline.
  4. To provide professional certification of individual quality practitioners.

QprAC also wants to develop special relationships with ike minded organizations such as ASQC and Mouvement Quebecois de la Qualite (MQQ) QprAC may want to operate under the umbrella of the Canada Quality council or the National Quality Institute as lng as it can independently represent the interests of its practitioner members.

The QprAC Organizing Committee must now establish a membership base and contacts throughout Canada. Please become a charter member of QprAC to start a vibrant and effective professional organization for all Canadian quality practitioners. A membership application form is inside the newsletter. For more information ,contact the organizing committee chair.



Candice Carter

The post has been contributed by Candice Carter. You can contact her using our contact form.



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