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Are you a 'Presenter'?

Contact ASQ Ottawa for availability of Presenter Opportunities at Professional Development Events

We Welcome Your Quality Themed Articles, Case Studies, and More!

What is quality for you?

  • Is it compliance to requirements?
  • Is it customer satisfaction?
  • Is it satisfaction in doing the “right thing” and as well doing the “thing right”?
  • Is it excelling and surpassing benchmarks?
  • Is it friendly environment growth?

We believe that putting all these factors together in a harmonic interaction with our environment, community, society and future generations is the path for a quality and a joyful way to succeed as human beings.

We believe the involvement of passionate people/professionals is vital to shape a better community; society and a better legacy for future generations.

If you share this same vision, ASQ Ottawa Valley Section team, would like to welcome you to come and join us as a presenter at one of our events.

To do so, please send us your proposal via our Contact Form on our website (, and provide a brief overview of your 1-1/2 to 2 hour Quality-related presentation along with a short introduction of your career path.

ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 407 is your local voice for Quality. We are passionate about Quality and are also interested in newsletter articles, reviews, white papers, etc. on subjects related to Quality. Please send us your proposals via our Contact Form.

We also welcome you to join us at one of our Quality events this year, where you can expand your knowledge of quality-related topics, and meet other quality professionals, who like you, are passionate about Quality and want to share lessons-learned and experiences gained in their own Quality journeys. We post regular updates to our Member Events page.

Together, you and ASQ Ottawa Valley Section can help shape the future of Quality in the Nation’s Capital!

Program Chair ASQ Ottawa Valley Section

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