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Agile and DevOps are Better Together in 2018

Posted: September 23, 2018 at 5:44 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

G U E S T  A R T I C L E

any companies believe the implementation of Agile Methodology in an organization can improve the user experience; and if the DevOps is added to it then revenue can be doubled, tripled and so on. A recent CA Technologies Report makes a compelling case for combining Agile and DevOps.. According to  this report, 67% of the organizations in the UK are getting the benefits of Agile and those using DevOps are seeing a growth of  around 38% in revenue.

Global studies indicate that many organizations are aware of the benefits of the Agile methodology and making all efforts for its proper implementation.  These studies also indicate that the use of DevOps is growing fast.  The organizations  recognize that Agile brings out the flexibility in the work through continuous improvement and constant change and that by using Agile they have more time to act on identified issues.  The reduction in time is calculated around 31% (i.e from 13.69 to 9.49 weeks) for Agile.  DevOps decreases the time by 26%.

Freeform Dynamics research found that by using Agile and DevOps employee productivity increased by 42% and 51% respectively. In this 2018 study,  developers and analysts are starting to use both the frameworks together. Agile and DevOps is a new combination and it’s application is still limited. Their alignment is against the traditional approach i.e Waterfall model, however, a full 75% of respondents considered Agile and DevOps to be part of the same pie. This new combination will drive the business and offer a new roadmap to produce, deliver and update the software that can fulfill all the requirements of the customer-  even a step ahead.

Many articles and blogs point out the dis-similarity between the two approaches ( Agile and DevOps), though there are articles like Atlassian Blog that defines DevOps as, “Agile applied beyond the Software team”. Many professionals adhere to the points of Agile methodology, but industries are calling for Agile practitioners who can deal with the ever-changing market.

Implementing Agile and DevOps

There are three type of aspects to measure Agile and DevOps in an enterprise.

It is very important to check the impact of business. It’s very common that companies are tempted to scale Agile and DevOps based on IT costs and productivity gains alone. Yes, these indicators matter to business growth but there are other external indicators which have a higher impact such as customer experience, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Silos are formed during development and operations so it is essential to remove them to ensure a continuous flow in the product line. Where the production line is fragmented or broken, delivery becomes tough due to a lack of knowledge sharing and practices. DevOps can remove the silos and promote collaboration. Thus, a proper DevOps mindset must be maintained in the culture.

The number of skilled people in the organization. According to CA Technologies research, 72% of respondent organizations face difficulties in recruiting development talent because of non-implementation of Agile in the firm.  Organizations that retain talented employees aware of Agile tools and practices are more likely to go in the right direction and increase productivity.

Wrapping Up

The combination of Agile and DevOps makes processes continuous and improvement iterative. To attain increased productivity and profitability, businesses have to change their mindset. The Agile/ DevOps methodology helps organizations rethink their operations from the fundamental level and brings “change” from the end-to-end processes from the supply chain to the customer relationship.

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